Projets de collaborations en cours


  • Projet N° 2020-11

Prognosis 2020/Prognosis for PLHIV aged 60 years or over

  • Projet N° 2019-04

Associations of alcohol and tobacco use with all-cause and cause-specific mortality

  • Projet N° 2014-33

Tuberculosis increases long-term risk of mortality due to non-AIDS defining events among HIV-infected persons on ART

  • Projet N° 2012-02

Is the notion of durability of treatment an important notion clinically or a marketing argument of drug companies?


  • Projet N° 2015-02

Age and Viral Load as Independent Predictors of HIV Survival, and Their Interplay in Determining HIV Transmission Potential

  • Projet N° 2013-19

Importance of regular follow-up in the first years after seroconversion: frequency of rapid CD4 decline and clinical progression

  • Projet N° 2013-18

Mean asymptomatic viral load and steady state viral load following acute infection independently predict HIV disease progression

  • Projet N° 2013-07

Serious Non-Aids events


  • Projet N° 2020-04

An Efficient Method for Estimating Optimal Joint Screening and Treatment Strategies

  • Projet N° 2020-03

A robust and flexible approach for learning when to start Hiv antiretroviral treatment

  • Projet N° 2016-04

Calibrating agent-based models for causal inference using incidence of opportunistic infections in HIV-positive individuals in Western Europe and USA


  • Projet N° 2014-25

Role of current HIV RNA as a CD4 independent risk factor to TB incidence in HIV-infected persons

  • Projet N° 2014-14

Optimal timing for starting cART in antiretroviral-naïve HIV-1-infected patients presenting with central nervous system (CNS) toxoplasmosis

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